In 1987, two young chiropractors started a new office in Mt. Lookout, Ohio with a focus on a holistic and conservative approach to healthcare.  Dr. Donna Moloney and Dr. Mark King worked tirelessly as young doctors to serve their community and build their practice.  They utilized manual care and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal issues along with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for overall health and wellness.


From the start, the philosophy was simple, patient-centered care with doctors continuously learning and incorporating the most current clinical information. 



This idea sounds simple and it is the type of care we have all become familiar with today. But, in 1987, this idea was considered to go against the grain of a typical chiropractic clinic.  Mt. Lookout was one of the first practices to adopt this ‘one-stop shop’ vision for conservative care and turn it into a reality.  


Mt. Lookout Group


As the practice grew, so did their family, and the doctor’s embraced living and working in the Mt. Lookout area. As time went on their vision of a large holistic/conservative care center became a reality.  Now, with chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition, and dry needling, the same patient-centered approach remains the focus.  




For conservative, drugless, and non-surgical healthcare, Mt. Lookout Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center stays at the forefront in the tri-state area.  Each patient will feel special, and each patient will know this office is unique.


-Written by Mark King, DC