Happy October MLCC Family!

I have to kick this off by letting you all know just how much I love the season of fall. It is the time of year I most look forward to. From the changing colors of leaves to the crisp morning breezes, the return of school and football games, the shorter days and fireside nights and yes…we must not forget, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! 

As it just so happens, Autumn is also home to National Physical Therapy Month! Yup, that’s right, we as a profession dedicate October to further raising awareness about the benefits of physical therapy. Enter me: one of the PTs at Mt. Lookout ready to introduce you to our department. This is our first time on the blog, so I feel compelled to provide an introduction of sorts before diving into details regarding a specific condition/injury or treatment intervention. So that is what I plan to do for you now!

physical therapy

At MLCC, we strive to provide high-quality, comprehensive care, based on the individual: unique in pathology, presentation, and personality. We want to get to know our patients, making them feel well cared for with their concerns heard by open ears. We do our best to foster a healing environment through hard work and fun. We hope our patients enjoy their experience, leaving them more inclined and empowered to dedicate the time needed to reach their rehabilitative goals. When you come to MLCC PT, you will work with one of our three physical therapists, Dave, Ellen, or Katie. Each brings their own knowledge, talents, and experience to the table, yet all are willing to provide assistance and added perspective as needed to maximize the benefit for each and every patient. 

So, as we enjoy the season of all my favorite fall things, we can also be mindful of the holiday season that will soon follow. A series of weeks often full of activity including shopping, travel, and party hosting. We want you and your body to be well prepared to handle whatever it is the 2021 holiday season will bring, so come see the PTs at MLCC and we will help you get there! Whether you suffered a recent injury or cannot seem to dodge the lingering back pain you’ve had for years, we may have new tips and tricks to help! 


From our MLCC family to yours, happy fall and PT month!

Ellen Franke, DPT