Desk jobs have become the norm in America.  Americans are doing too much sitting, and in the last few years, since work from home has become more common, we have no one holding us accountable for our ergonomic setup. 

Are you one of the many that have a sedentary job that requires you to sit at a desk?

Is your new desk your couch or kitchen table?

If so, I would imagine you have experienced either low back or neck discomfort over the past few years. 

If so, these tips may help.

Working from home is your new norm, so let’s invest a little in it.  If you have a designated space to work, you will be more productive.  Choose a room and stick with it. 

Now that you have chosen your space, let’s talk about a great ergonomic setup, so you don’t find yourself in the chiropractor’s office weekly or rehabbing in physical therapy for your low back pain or neck pain



1. Choose a firm upright chair.

2. Make sure the top third of your screen is eye level.

3. Sit all the way back in the chair with feet flat on the floor.

4. If your feet do not touch the floor, place a small box or books on the floor to put your feet on.

5. Use a McKenzie Lumbar Roll in your lower back. -Did anyone catch Lebron James on ESPN carrying around his McKenize roll this week?! Even the pros take postural health into account! 


Save/Relieve Yourself:

6. Get up and Move – break up sitting every 40-60 minutes. Do it before your back or neck starts to hurt.

7. Stretch hamstrings and hip flexors daily.

8. Perform standing back bends or better known as lumbar extensions (place hands on butt and arch backwards) or prone (on stomach) press ups 10-15x, 2-3x/day (simply arch your back by using your arms – relax your hips, butt and legs on the floor) – pause for 1-2 seconds.

9. Try to walk 20-30 minutes per day either continuously or broken up into smaller increments during the day.


Why Sit All The Time?:

10. Consider a standing desk option to reduce amount of sitting throughout the day.

11. The best form of posture is variability in posture, so change it up! 


We should all be thinking about our posture health. 

Even Lebron James, one who is moving all the time, considers his spine position when sitting. We are no exception to this.  

If these tips do not resolve your lower back pain, then consider being evaluated at Mt. Lookout Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center by one of our physical therapists and/or chiropractors.


-Written by David Stejbach PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, Cert. MDT