Are you ready for the snow and the pain that comes with it this Winter?

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Don’t injure your back shoveling snow this year. Here are some tips on how to avoid back injuries this winter and how to manage the pain if you do experience an injury:

  1. Always shovel and lift from your hips and bend at the knees not the low back
  2. Try to gently stretch/warm up before shoveling or lifting
  3. Don’t shovel too much snow or lift too much at one time
  4. Whenever possible, push the snow out of the way rather than lifting it
  5. Try to keep your core activated when shoveling or lifting
  6. Breathe into your stomach and especially don’t hold your breath
  7. Take quick breaks to regroup
  8. Schedule with your chiropractor if you injure your back while shoveling or lifting

If you do hurt your back after shoveling snow or lifting or falling/slipping on the ice, remember that MLCC can help you in many ways:

The combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and nutrition is the best approach for back injuries and healthy living.

The acupuncture team of Derek Johnson and Diane Kloecker is ready to help you conquer pain and get healthy this year. Check out our website to learn more about how acupuncture can help you feel great.

Don’t forget that MLCC has a fully staffed/all-purpose physical therapy department that is highly individualized and convenient. If you were referred by your doctor or orthopedist for physical therapy, in almost all cases, you can utilize MLCC for the best care available.

If you are wanting to start the new year off with a healthy diet to feel good and possibly lose weight, or if you have a nutritional concern or health issue, please consider using our nutritional staff and wellness dietitian, Katherine Mattox, RDN. Click here to learn more about our nutrition and weight loss programs or to ask about treatment options.